15 unique gifts for the movie-loving Dad this Father’s Day

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Harry Potter Cufflinks

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cufflinks. Image via ThinkGeek.

All it takes is hitting up Amazon and searching for Harry Potter cufflinks and you will find a plethora of options for your Potterhead father. If dad is as much a fan of the wizarding world as you are, then you may want to find him some cufflinks he can wear to work or even somewhere more formal.

Even Think Geek has a small collection of Harry Potter cufflinks to choose from, including a set of golden snitches. With the initials HP on the back and the golden snitch at the front, it is clear that dad is the real winner of Quidditch this year.

Of course, the golden snitch is not the only option the site has to offer, as they even have the dark mark as one of their cufflink designs. Dad may not be a villain, but he might certainly enjoy showing off his inner darkness with this set of Death Eater dark marks.

Whether you head to Amazon or Think Geek in order to find dad his Harry Potter cufflinks, there are clearly plenty of options out there. And with other options such as the Deathly Hallows or the different houses of Hogwarts, you can find the perfect set of cufflinks to treat dad with this Father’s Day.