Could we see the return of Jeff Goldblum in Avengers 4?


No one can ever get tired of Jeff Goldblum. Lucky for us all, according to the man himself, the Grandmaster is still out there for us all.

Jeff Goldblum is an enigma. The Pittsburgh-born actor continues to confuse the masses with his sex appeal, jazz band, and quirky roles that constantly have fans questioning what he is doing. But really, would it be Jeff Goldblum if we understood what was going on?

At this point, the world is aware of the destruction caused by Thanos.  With a snap of his fingers, half of the Avengers were taken out and there are many that we still don’t know their fate. One of those characters? The Grandmaster.

In a recent interview, Jeff was very careful about the way he spoke of his Marvel character. The “potential” idea that the Grandmaster is alive and well gives fans that glimmer of hope that he could return for Avengers 4, slated to come out in 2019.

After all, unless they’re planning on bringing back characters within the first 15 minutes, half of the leading players were taken out. Without Bucky Barnes, T’Challa, most of the Guardians, or Peter Parker, fans are going to need some kind of saving grace.

And why not have that grace be the Grandmaster himself? He wasn’t featured in Infinity War so, his fate is still unknown, as Jeff points out. He’d be quite the addition considering the remaining Avengers. Hopefully our wishes are fulfilled and the return of the Grandmaster is imminent.

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So does this mean a return for the Grandmaster in Avengers 4? Well, it’d certainly be a delight if it ended up being true, but fans will have to wait until the release of the film to know for sure. You can see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters now, and Avengers 4 will arrive in 2019.