Noma Dumezweni really understands why we love the Golden Trio


There is an aspect to the Golden Trio that people rarely talk about but Noma Dumezweni said it perfectly on the red carpet. She is Hermione Granger, after all.

On the red carpet for the Tony Awards, Noma Dumezweni had some pretty incredible things to say. But there was one specific moment that really stuck out. An interview was trying to get her to talk about the importance of playing Hermione, a question she’s asked very frequently.

Noma returned his question with talking more about the importance of the trio. “They were outsiders,” she stated and it became abundantly clear that she truly understood every aspect of these friends.

For many, a lot of ‘critics’ or people taking on the series miss this important detail. Sure, Harry was one of the most famous wizards at the time, he didn’t feel that way. He was just a kid who was told to live in a cupboard.

For Ron, he was just another Weasley, his family constantly being torn down or made fun of for their lack of status and their hand-me-down robes. Like Harry, he weirdly didn’t belong in this school that they found themselves in.

And then Hermione came along, muggleborn and ready and eager to learn everything. The three together were perfect and they became the trio we love. But as Noma states, they were outsiders to those around them. They were three kids that no one really understood.

Their fame came later but still, that outsider mentality remains, even when we meet them in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. They’re just the same kids we fell in love with and wanted to protect when we were younger.

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