Harry Potter and how it taught us to deal with loneliness


A series based around a boy who was left pretty much on his own, Harry Potter did a great job at teaching us how to function by ourselves.

Harry Potter was a lonely character. Even when he had his friends and surrounded himself with people who loved him, he was still a bit lonely. He didn’t have a family like a lot of his friends did and he really didn’t have anyone to go home to.

We see in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that it is different but also he’s still just that lonely boy we know and love. Take for instance how Harry dealt with Albus. He grew up knowing that having a family was something special and he created that with his friends. So you’d think that Harry would have learned to let Albus have whatever friends he found, right?

Well, clearly wrong because Harry forcing his son and his best friend apart is the reason we even have half of the play. So yet again, this series teaches us a way to cope with loneliness and how we can handle it even in the darkest times.

It’s such a great reminder for children out there that it is okay and that you can feel lonely but that you still know there are people rooting for you. Especially when you surround yourself with people who trust you and believe in you like both Harry and Albus do to make it through their times at Hogwarts.

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So while it can feel like you’re alone, know that you’re not. Harry taught us that our family isn’t all that we have. We can make our own family, we have our friends, and that’s what is important in this life.