20 of our favorite Tyrion Lannister moments because we’re going to miss him

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13. S6E2: Tyrion meets the dragons.

From a young age, Tyrion coveted a dragon of his own. He was even willing to settle for a dragon that “was little like him.” Most fans knew this, if only from the books, but it was a gift to hear him tell the story on screen.

That alone makes this scene worth watching, but Tyrion’s bravery when facing two imprisoned dragons also demonstrates a lot about his character. No one else dares to approach Rhaegal and Viserion, but Tyrion manages it.

Of course, he immediately tells Varys to stop him if he ever tries something that foolish again. But we’ll chalk that up to another one of Tyrion’s self-deprecating jokes.

14. S6E8: Tyrion tries to teach Grey Worm and Missandei jokes.

The only thing more entertaining than watching Tyrion get to know Daenerys is watching him get to know her court. While left alone with Grey Worm and Missendei, Tyrion attempts to bring out their less serious sides. Apparently, no one warned him that the pair is always serious.

He demands to know why the two of them don’t drink, shoving wine into their hands despite their objections. He then asks them to tell jokes, volunteering to go first. But his comical story mocking the major houses of Westeros goes right over both of their heads.

If this lesson in humility isn’t enough to make viewers laugh, Missandei’s awkward attempt at telling a joke and Grey Worm’s sense of humor certainly will.