20 essential songs for your Pride Month playlist

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“Your Disco Needs You” by Kylie Minogue

“Your Disco Needs You” is a song that can best be described as being very, very gay. There’s just that certain quality about it that makes it so gay, in the best way.

Kylie Minogue is another artist who garnered a huge gay following over the years. She released dance songs that blared out of the speakers in gay clubs around the world, and when she realized the dedication of her LGBTQ fans, she knew she had something special.

“Your Disco Needs You” is a campy disco track from Kylie Minogue’s 2000 album Light Years. As if a disco song wasn’t enough for the LGBTQ to love already, some of the lyrics are also a message that so many of us can take to heart: “So let’s dance through all our fears, war is over for a bit.”

A lot of members of the queer community are not able to truly let their Pride flag fly the way they want to, whether its because they are still in the closet or because they live in a city or country that doesn’t allow it. Maybe they’re just scared of what the people around them will think, or they’ve been threatened with violence over their sexual orientation or gender identity, but as soon as that music starts and they can let loose on the dancefloor, they can forget about all that for just a moment.

So many of the songs on this list are about letting go and having fun and truly being yourself, and that message is something that so many LGBTQ people take to heart. A lot of them took years to love who they are, and now that they can celebrate it, they will celebrate the HELL out of it right there on the dancefloor to a Kylie Minogue song!