20 essential songs for your Pride Month playlist

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“LGBT” by CupcakKe

You may not know who CupcakKe is, but when you realize what a true LGBTQ ally she is, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for her.

The rapper has been very vocal about her love of the LGBTQ community, and they’ve loved her back because of it. A lot of people didn’t take her seriously when she first made her way onto the rap scene with very sexually explicit songs, but the queer community loved her badass, raunchy personality and gave her a chance.

When she released the single “LGBT”, it wasn’t some desperate attempt to win over gay fans, it was her letter to the community, assuring them that she had their back, which she explained in an interview with Out Magazine: “When I put out ‘LGBT,’ it was so everyone can be treated equal. Everyone deserves love no matter who you like or who you want to marry. If you like a gal, [and/or] guy, that’s on you, and have fun with it. That’s who you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Be comfortable with who you are because if no one else loves you, I definitely love you, because I love the LGBT community.”

In the song, the chorus repeats the line “F*ck out my way when you see me, I’m rollin’ with the LGBT!” And for the music video, that’s exactly what she was doing! The rapper assembled a group of diverse members of the LGBT community, including some sickening drag queens, to prove that she’s the real deal.

If “LGBT” wasn’t enough of a gay anthem, CupcakKe also put out the song “Crayons” this past March which celebrated the gay community yet again. “Boy on boy, girl on girl, like who the f*ck you like, f*ck the world.” In the song, she also calls out straight men who are okay with girl-on-girl porn, but are disgusted by two gay men showing affection, and raps the line “Transgenders are people, so I’ma treat ‘em equal!”

And just like that, an LGBTQ icon was born.