20 best moments from Sex and the City

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Magda finds Miranda’s “goodie” drawer (“Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman”)

One of the reasons Sex and the City was so wildly successful, and remains so relevant 20 years later, is how it tackles the sex conversation between women with healthy, active sex lives. But not everyone is so open about their sexuality, especially those from a different culture. Miranda’s cleaning lady Magda, for example, is not so open-minded.

Miranda’s patience with the new cleaning lady is already wearing thin after she rearranges Miranda’s kitchen without asking her first, and gives her a gift — a rolling pin, so she can make pies, and a set of tea bags so she’ll stop drinking so much coffee. She’s trying to turn Miranda into a housewife.

Of course, as the series progresses, we learn to love Magda, as she becomes a constant presence in Miranda’s life once she gives birth to Brady and keeps Magda on as a nanny. But they definitely get off on the wrong foot.

Miranda reaches her tipping point when Magda accidentally stumbles onto her “goodie” drawer next to her bed. Miranda defends it, but later goes to reach into the drawer and finds a Virgin Mary statue instead of what she’s expecting. She finally approaches Magda with the issue and fights for her right to a goodie drawer.

It may not be what she’s used to or comfortable with, but Magda gives in, and when Miranda gets home, she’s welcomed by a lovely arrangement of goodies on her bedside table. It was a simple gesture, but it made all the difference.