Star Wars looked to Game of Thrones and Arya Stark for Solo


There’s another connection to Game of Thrones lurking in Solo: A Star Wars Story, although it’s a lot more subtle than Emilia Clarke’s role.

Everything’s connected in pop culture these days. At least, it seems that way. Game of Thrones actors, in particular, are pretty prolific when they’re not working on the show, from Kit Harington’s Gunpowder to Emilia Clarke making the jump to Star Wars as Qi’ra in Solo. But apparently, the writers of the film didn’t try and write Daenerys Targaryen, but in space, for any of their characters. (This is also your warning that this does mention some fairly major plot points from Solo.)

Instead, in a find from Uproxx, it turns out that Arya Stark helped shape the character of Enfys Nest. Honestly, we can see it.

Not only does Enfys hide her face (one could even say that she’s faceless with her mask on, much as it’s a terrible pun), but she also has a pack of her own in the film. Sure, Arya might have spent quite a bit of Game of Thrones on her own, but she does come back to Westeros to help her family out.

Aside from that, though, Enfys and Arya have also been witnesses to the destruction of their homes and their families. On a grander scale, Enfys has seen how the Empire has changed the galaxy, and she wants to fix it, even if that means doing some bad things. Same with Arya and her kill list.

And hey, it’s entirely possible that with Jon Kasdan pretty enthusiastic about Maisie Williams’ talents that she might end up crossing over or inspiring another character. (Honestly, she’s done voiceover work, too, with movies like Early Man. Basically, we just want her to have all the jobs that she might ever want.)

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What do you think about the Enfys-Arya connection?