20 iconic episodes of Sex and the City you need to rewatch

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Take Me Out To the Ballgame (Season 2, Episode 1)

Who would have ever expected a Sex and The City episode revolving around baseball? Well, it’s not so much about baseball as it is about Carrie dating a Yankee, and Charlotte dating a guy who likes to play with his balls.

Carrie is recently single, after one of her many breakups from Big, and lands a very eligible bachelor in the last place you’d expect to find Carrie Bradshaw. Huge Yankee fan Miranda drags all the girls to a baseball game one day, where Carrie somehow manages to catch a stray ball.

On their way out, they spot the players leaving the locker room, and Carrie works up the courage to go up to the hot New Yankee and ask him to sign her baseball. She even asks him out, and to everyone’s surprise, he agrees.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is dating a guy who seems great, except he cannot stop grabbing his balls in public. Charlotte can’t figure out why he keeps doing it, so she assumes it might be that his underwear are too tight, and buys him a little gift. He finds the gift a little weird, considering they haven’t even slept together yet, and poor Charlotte is burned yet again by trying to do a good thing.

Just when Carrie thinks things are going well with the New Yankee, guess who she runs into? Ding ding ding! She sees Big at a bar, because of course she does, he always shows up when things are going just a little too well, and just as she forgets to think about him.

As soon as he so much as touches her shoulder, she’s sucked back in. Things were going smoothly with the Yankee, until she bursts into tears when he kisses her on the way home. That Carrie Bradshaw is never subtle when it comes to her emotions, is she?