20 iconic episodes of Sex and the City you need to rewatch

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Ex and the City (Season 2, Episode 18)

Sometimes it’s hard to deal with an ex, but in this season 2 episode, three of the girls revisited past loves.

For Charlotte, it was getting back on the horse — literally — after her beloved pony Taddy threw her to the ground when she was a child. She loved that horse, but ever since that incident, she could never rekindle her love for riding. For Miranda, it was trying to be friends with Steve again, but we all know how that turns out (and if you don’t, they ended up married with a child).

And of course, for Carrie, it was trying to be just friends with Mr. Big, who is currently engaged to the stunning Natasha. She tries to put it out of her mind, but she can’t help but wonder, why not her? That’s when Miranda says just one word: Hubbell.

The girls, minus Samantha of course, all freak out over how similar Carrie’s situation is to that of Hubbell and Katie in The Way We Were. They’re madly in love, but life keeps them apart, so Hubbell marries a simple girl instead of the wild, curly-haired Katie. Sound familiar?

At that end of the movie, Katie sees Hubbell outside a hotel with his new wife and goes up to him and says “Your girl is lovely.” Then later, the same thing happens to Carrie, and when she sees Big get out of the car, she asks him “Why wasn’t it me?”

Big proves her point perfectly when he says that things between them got too complicated, and Carrie says her farewell by fixing his hair and uttering the famous line “your girl is lovely, Hubbell.”

This episode is essential viewing in the love story of Carrie and Big. Everything tried to keep them apart, but in the end, they found their way back to each other.