20 iconic episodes of Sex and the City you need to rewatch

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An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux

We just had to include the last ever episode of Sex and The City on this list. Carrie finally breaks things off with the Russian, ends up with Big, and goes back to New York. What more could you want?

After moving to the other side of the world to be with The Russian in Paris while he puts on his art exhibit, Carrie realizes it’s not what she was expecting at all. She’s left alone most of the time because Aleksandr is too busy with social events and finalizing his art for his big show.

When she blows up about it in their hotel room, Aleksandr does something we never expected and backhands Carrie across the face. He says it was an accident, but Carrie isn’t about to sit around with a man whose first instinct is to slap her in the face. She tries to get another room from the front desk, and guess who walks into the lobby?

Mr. Big came all the way from New York to try and get Carrie to come back. He sees how upset she is, and when he finds out what Aleksandr did, he sprints off to teach him a lesson. Carrie trips him, and the two fall to the floor together laughing. The two then have a romantic kiss on the streets of Paris, and then he takes her back to New York.

The next day, she surprises the girls at the diner and is welcomed by screams of joy and plenty of hugs.

And there’s one more happy ending that deserves to be mentioned. After years of struggles with infertility, Charlotte finally got her wish. She and Harry find out they’re going to be adopting a little girl from China. When Charlotte sees her photo, she knows that baby is hers. It’s a scene that would bring a tear to even Samantha’s eye.

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