15 times Tom Holland stole our hearts

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8. When he wasn’t afraid to make the tough decisions

Some actors, when presented with hard decisions, take the diplomatic route. Some choose not to make that decision, create new options for themselves, basically do anything to welch out of it, or take a really long time to decide.

But not Tom Holland. Time and time again he has proved that he is not afraid to make the tough decisions, even when they might seem impossible to others.

Take, for example, IGN’s game of F***, Marry, Kill, played at the Avengers: Infinity War premiere in Los Angeles. Chris Hemsworth and Pratt both deliberated over the naughty word choice (we’ll allow it since it is a Disney movie they are promoting) before Hemsworth decided he wouldn’t “make love” to anyone, since he was married and the choices were all men. Tom Hiddleston went all existential and Hamlet with a “This is the eternal question: who is the best Chris?”

But Tom Holland — beautiful, sweet, pure Tom Holland — didn’t play around. Seemingly without a second thought, he declared that he would, using Hemsworth’s term, “make love” to Thor, marry Starlord and kill Captain America. In his true Holland fashion though, he did apologize to Chris Evans even as he so quickly tossed him aside.

His speed could lead people to believe that he had thought about such questions before. But it’s not the first time he’s shown quick decision-making skills. When asked by BuzzFeed which Avenger he’d most like to be chained to, he answered Chris Pratt, since he was smaller than the Star-Lord actor and could therefore be carried around by him when he got tired.

Well, we can’t fault his logic there.