15 times Tom Holland stole our hearts

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15. When he not only stole our hearts, but broke them (and we liked it)

Okay, we can’t talk about Tom Holland without talking about that scene in Avengers: Infinity War.

We’ve hinted a bit up until now, but if you’re late to the Infinity War party (not so much of a party as a group therapy session), look away now because we’re going to discuss a pretty big spoiler.

(We’re guessing everyone is still here because, as discussed, you can hardly remain spoiler-free as a Holland fan. But at least we tried.)

All the deaths, or crumblings into non-existence, in Infinity War were traumatic. But none more so than Peter Parker. Having spent the whole movie being his heartwarming, earnest self, the moment the camera turned to Spider-Man, our hearts were in our throats. We very nearly vomited them out entirely when he said those now immortal words “I don’t feel so good.” Tears were shed for the cutest web-slinger as he looked to Tony Stark for help before expiring in his father figure’s arms.

Imagine our anger when we later realized that it was the very actor who made us love Peter Parker so much in the first place who was responsible for our floods of tears. Soon after the film was released, reports came out revealing that Tom Holland actually improvised that most heartbreaking of lines.

To make things even worse, Tom revealed that he didn’t even know he’d be going to dust until the day they filmed it. Talk about being a real trooper.

In just one nugget of Infinity War trivia, Culturess favorite Tom Holland was proven to be one of the best actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and at the same time, the biggest scourge on our emotional wellbeing.

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So, does he steal our hearts, or destroy them completely? Honestly, Tom Holland has the power to do both. And we love him for it.