15 times Tom Holland stole our hearts

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10. When a precious pup graced the red carpet (and brought his dog with him)

We’ve already seen that Tom is a dog-lover, but no dog is as loved by him as Tessa Holland, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier he adopted in 2014. Rightly so, since she is a very good dog and deserves the world, much like her owner.

Of course, Tessa loves Tom, too, and has even done the eternal dog-loving thing of sitting in his suitcase when he’s packing to leave. It seems she shares her owner’s aptitude for stealing our hearts and keeping them for her own.

Together, Tom and Tessa make a wonderful pair, whether they are sleeping soundly next to one another or FaceTiming while Tom’s away. Tessa’s appearance at a photocall in London very near stole the show and the pair looked cuter than buttons, even when one gave the other a good clean lick behind the ears (we’ll leave you to guess who).

Tom and Tessa are also a myth-busting duo. Tom is vocal about the misinformation spread about the Staffordshire Terrier breed, which is one of the most commonly found in rescue centers. He regularly dispels the myth that they are aggressive dogs by not only showing that Tessa is a soft angel, but also out-and-out telling interviewers that they are very good dogs.

If you were left in any doubt, you need only see the way Tessa looks at Tom, as pointed out by BuzzFeed.

It’s nothing but love between the two of them, and stealing hearts, it seems, is very much a family business.