Let’s talk about Harry Potter and his struggle with everything


Harry Potter is a great character because we, as fans, watched all his flaws growing up. But that’s what makes him so charming to us, he has his issues.

Harry Potter is not a man without his problems. Granted, it is justified why he has them. He is a man who was thrust into a way from a very young age simply because of some prophecy that he didn’t really have a hand in. Harry watched his parents die, lived with a terrible aunt and uncle, and then was told he was a wizard.

So it is okay that he has his flaws and can’t figure himself out. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shows us that even as an adult with his own family, Harry still has his problems. He can’t communicate and he is, seemingly, just as much of a drama queen as he’s always been.

The thing about Harry Potter is that he never really gets help. Those that are meant to ‘help’ him often abandon him and he is always alone. But with Cursed Child, we see, again, that Harry always has his friends to help him.

It’s just a nice reminder for fans that being flawed and having your issues is okay. You don’t always have to be a perfect ‘hero’ and be the backbone for those around you. Like Harry, he has his moments and he breaks down and that is totally okay. If the Boy Who Lived can cry about his life, then so can we.

So that’s what is the important thing to remember about Harry: he isn’t perfect and that’s okay.

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We love everything about this boy. He tries his best, he saved the world, and it is okay that he’s quite a bit of a drama queen.