Is this the Harry Potter crossover you never knew you needed?


There are various crossovers that Harry Potter fans would like to see, but one on Twitter may be something that fans never even realized they needed!

Twitter is good for one thing. The fandom has a chance to come together and discuss dreams and wishes. We know they will never come true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think of the “what ifs” does it? Stan Lee doesn’t think so and has brought up Harry Potter crossover we never knew we needed.

Yes, the man behind the Marvel franchise tweeted J.K. Rowling about a crossover idea. What if Doctor Strange and The X-Men were at Hogwarts? Could you imagine some of the lessons that could be taught to the young witches and wizards? How about some of the arguments that would start between the professors!

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One fan had fun at Stan Lee’s thoughts on a crossover, as Avengers: Infinity War was considered the most ambitious project of the year. The only thing McKoo got a little wrong was that Lee should possibly reply to the statement “Hold my butterbeer” just to keep it in the Harry Potter fandom. Siddharth Kotecha rectified that mistake.

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Of course, now there’s a big question about how such a crossover could play out. Doctor Strange would certainly vie for Albus Dumbledore’s position, but then would Charles Xavier get the chance to grab that spot instead? If this is in the period after Dumbledore’s death, then there’d be a huge fight for the position.

And then there are the discussions about how to teach the children. Something tells me Wolverine wouldn’t be the best choice around children! He would make an awesome team up with Lupin, though, right? Maybe the two could be best friends!

What Harry Potter crossover would you love to see? Could you see Marvel working? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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