10 comedians who deserve a Netflix special ASAP

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Beth Stelling

Beth Stelling is an American treasure. Her smooth, even delivery sets her apart from other comedians. Listening to Beth’s stand up feels like having a conversation with your best friend. You may recognize Beth from season one of Netflix’s show The Standups where Netflix chose a series of comedians to do a half hour set, each comic getting their own episode. It’s time they gave Beth an hour-long special. 

Dry, sarcastic humor is our cup of tea. Beth’s witty quips are mostly about her life which means her material is unique and fresh.

There’s nothing worse than a comedian who makes jokes about beards or doors unless the joke is about their beard or their door. Do you know what I mean? Well, Beth knows what we mean, so that’s all that matters.

Originally from Ohio, Beth now lives in Los Angeles, but like most comedians, she’s always traveling for work. As of right now, Beth writes for HBO’s Crashing starring Pete Holmes. In the past, she’s written for Comedy Central’s Another Period, and Seth Rogan’s Hilarity for Charity. When Beth isn’t writing for some of our favorite TV shows, she’s touring around the country.