Legion season 2 episode 8 recap: Chapter 16


The new trend with Legion isn’t just to confuse its audience, now it wants to teach us lessons that no one wants to hear.

We’ve come to known Legion as a show that continually confuses us and while the last episode started that way, “Chapter 16” decided instead to teach us a lesson. And not in the best way. We get it, Jon Hamm, phones are bad.

The show has gone from something we truly admire, a weird introspective on David Haller and his struggle with his inner demons (or the Shadow King as we now know him) and it has turned into a bit of a mess of a storyline.

While it was a fun cameo in the beginning, the Jon Hamm monologues are a bit much. They began as a framing device, telling a narrative that we kind of already figured out. It was silly and great but then it got to the point where we had enough with the Jon Hamm stuff and wanted more of the Legion we knew and loved.

This week seemed to start that way, a show of intrigue and plot twists. Back to the days of confusing television and a version of David Haller that made no sense. And then Jon Hamm came in with his phone lecture and this incredible episode was tainted.

That’s not to say it ruined the entire thing. On the contrary, it was still a great episode to watch. Slowly, we’re getting back to what we liked about the first season. So who knows, maybe finally, by the end of the season, we’ll finally have the Legion we loved from that first run of the show.

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