20 best genre fiction writers from other countries to expand your horizons

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15. Dmitry Glukhovsky

Russian author and journalist Dmitry Glukhovsky wrote his first novel, Metro 2033, when he was only 18. Glukhovsky eventually posted the entire novel on his website for free. However, that was only just the beginning, given that 2 million read the novel online before it was printed. Eventually, Metro 2033 become something of an interactive experiment, not to mention a video game. Eventually, the novel was printed and over 500,000 copies made their way into the hands of readers. Pretty good for what was a relatively humble beginning, right?

In Metro 2033, humanity finally makes one of its biggest mistakes and unleashes nuclear war upon itself in 2013. In Moscow, a large portion of the city’s residents flees to subterranean transit stations. Over time, the scattered people form their own start of mini-nations. Humans being what they are, these nations are quickly embroiled in conflict, both from within and without. Two, the communist “Red Line” and the fascist “Fourth Reich,” eventually enter into an all-out war.

The novel’s protagonist, Artyom, has not had an easy life. He was orphaned soon after the nuclear holocaust, when his mother, in true post-apocalyptic fashion, was consumed by a pack of carnivorous rats. At least the infant Artyom was rescued by Sukhoi, a military officer who has since become one of the commanders of a central metro station.

Artyom, Sukhoi and others soon become embroiled in the growing conflicts and increasingly strange underground cultures that have developed in the wake of the devastation above ground. Eventually, Artyom will have to face the mysterious “Dark Ones,” creatures who, despite having a somewhat lazy horror movie name, present an interesting and world-shaking perspective. If nothing else, it’s all a fun ride.