25 incredible TV moms we love to watch

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Tami Taylor – Friday Night Lights

I made a vow when I first started writing professionally to put Connie Britton and her stunning head of hair on every list I make. As a fan of Connie, and her breakout role as Tami Taylor, let me just say that she is the best at everything she does.

As wife to the world’s most gorgeous and patient high school football coach, Tami has to wear a lot of hats. She has to play counselor and confidant to her hubs when he has to vent, mom to a bratty, taciturn teenage daughter, and soft shoulder for all the players and students she serves as guidance counselor.

She also is a mother to an unexpected daughter, and she does much of this while Eric has to be away in later seasons. She gets mad, frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired, but she keeps going. That’s why she makes a list of best TV moms, because she never, ever quits.

It may seem obvious that a mother would never quit mothering, and for the most part, we don’t. But there are times when we think about it… a lot. When the sink is full of dishes, the baby is crying, your teenager slams the door, and your spouse won’t answer the phone, you think about just throwing your hands up.

Just like us, Tami thinks about it, but never acts on it. She sighs, drinks Chardonnay, and continues to breathe in and out. She single-handedly props up her family and students, and it’s often wearying, but she keeps it moving. Couple that attitude with her flawless style and Tami Taylor is exactly the kind of mom and woman I aspire to be.