25 incredible TV moms we love to watch

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Alice Cooper – Riverdale

I’ve written a lot about how down I am for Alice Cooper and her no-holds-barred style of parenting. Say what you want about her, but she gets stuff done, and done the right way — mostly.

A stylish, edgier version of the Archie comics original, Alice Cooper is mom to girl next door, Betty. Riverdale is a reimagining of the American classic comic with a darker, more gothic spin to it. It reboots the classic into a grittier murder mystery, and Alice is regularly in the mix.

Editor of the local newspaper and amateur sleuth herself, Alice has a nose for the latest gossip and news. There is always some catastrophe on the horizon and Alice handles them with ambition and hard-nosed investigating.

She is also a smoking hot mama. As a former member of a rough gang, she’s seen some things, and she never looks hotter than when she’s donning the old Serpents’ leather.

Even though she has a checkered past, Alice tries to protect her daughters from it. That sometimes means telling some half-truths about the things she’s been through. She wants her children to see her as a shining example of graceful motherhood. Somehow though, she’s at her best when she’s down in the muck, revisiting her old ways.

I relate to Alices’ inclination to keep her past a secret. Nobody wants their children to know exactly how wild and crazy they used to be. However, in Riverdale, the more experience you have with danger and intrigue the better.