15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Mrs. Jumbo (Dumbo)

No Disney mom had a rougher go of things than Mrs. Jumbo. From the start of the movie, she was dealing with bullies. When the stork brought her Dumbo, the other animals laughed and made fun of his ears. But like any good mom, she didn’t care. She loved him for what he was.

She loved and defended Dumbo so fiercely that she ended up being jailed because of it. When circus attendees laughed at and taunted Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo stood for none of it. She lost her temper and as a result, they dubbed her a mad elephant.

Jumbo was caged, taunted and separated from her son, and he was shunned by the rest of the animals. But even in elephant jail, she comforted her son. “Baby Mine” is one of the most heartbreaking ballads in the Disney catalog, as she cradles him through the bars on her window.

Through it all, she loved Dumbo and fortunately, they were reunited in the end. Though they initially made him an outcast, Dumbo’s ears ended up being his ticket to fame. The ending minutes of the movie shows him flying behind his mother’s private train car, as she looks on proudly.

Her sacrifice, love, and acceptance helped Dumbo thrive. She’s the pinnacle of good mothering.