Zelda fans have put a new playable character in Breath of the Wild


Not only do The Legend of Zelda fans love diving deep into the games of the series, but they’ve also made a new version of Breath of the Wild.

If you’ve played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then you know that the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, plays a huge role in the game, beyond what she normally in the series. Heck, she even gets to wear pants without resorting to assuming to a secret identity to do it! But although she drives the story, you don’t get to play as her.

Well, to be more accurate, you can’t play as her in the base game. However, for the Wii U version, at least, there’s now a mod that allows you to adventure not as the hero of Hyrule, but the princess herself … or should we just call her the heroine of Hyrule?

Technically speaking, Zelda has been playable in a Zelda mainline game before, just only for the CD-i games that Nintendo doesn’t even like to acknowledge. Aside from that, though, she has taken active roles before — even if it’s as simple as splitting the Triforce of Wisdom into pieces, as she does in the very first game in the series.

For fans to take the time and effort to create a version of the game where you can play as the princess in arguably her most important appearance yet thus hits home on two levels. On the first, it shows just how much fans appreciate Zelda as a character — not just Link. On the second, of course, it shows how much time and effort fans are willing to put in to make their dreams reality. Not to say that that’ll help the Zelda fandom after a 200+ jump up in last year’s Fandom 250 rankings… but to go back and create a huge mod like this for a game that’s a year old is a strong sign, because there are actual new sets of clothing for her to wear, too:

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Now, about that Switch version…