25 of the most memorable TV teachers

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Meredith Davis – Bad Teacher

Ali Graynor’s role on the TV show Bad Teacher was probably inspired by Cameron Diaz’s character in the movie of the same name. However, Graynor’s Meredith Davis had a whole season of TV to show how bad of a teacher she actually is.

Meredith is forced to get a job when her wealthy husband leaves her, making her current position as trophy wife obsolete. She lies on her resume, lands a job in a school, and tries her best to get herself another rich man to marry.

She is unapologetically foul-mouthed and inappropriate, but generally she has a good heart and is mostly likable, although she’s left penniless as a result of a prenuptial agreement she clearly didn’t read. She has to move in with a friend, whose daughter goes to the school Meredith dupes into hiring her.

Much like Jack Griffin on A.P. Bio, Meredith isn’t doing much scholarly work, but she is absolutely giving these kids, especially the female students, some real-world lessons. She may be a trainwreck in the classroom, but she has been around the block, and she isn’t afraid to pass on what she’s learned.

Unlike Jack, however, Meredith is basically a good person, and even though she’s participating in some really questionable behavior, she’s easy to like. Despite the extensions, leopard print and too-tight skirt, she’s really endearing.

You can watch the first and only season on CBS’ website.