Solo: A Star Wars Story: Chewbacca is basically the best in new look


A new look at Solo: A Star Wars Story shows that Chewbacca is a solid 60 percent of the reason Han Solo is alive to be the Han we know and love.

Sure, you might find Chewbacca funny in Star Wars. After all, he’s a giant Wookiee that never speaks Basic — only having his words translated by the context of people’s responses to him. But let’s face it: Chewie is a hero, and he deserves a little more respect and as many scratches as he would like.

Apparently, Solo: A Star Wars Story might let us appreciate Chewie a little more and even make sure that Han himself appreciates his partner.

Behold the latest video released by Lucasfilm to celebrate Star Wars Day (oh, and also let us know that we can buy tickets):

Although we can’t concretely place when in this movie happens, here’s what we do know: the crew of the Millennium Falcon is fleeing Imperial pursuit, and whatever the Falcon‘s carrying, the Empire wants back, enough to start shooting. Lando’s also on the ship because Qi’ra mentions him as she gets up. The voice is Tobias Beckett’s.

Oh, and Chewbacca basically saves the day by both knowing how to divert power to the rear deflector shields and turn the headlight on. Is this really his first time on a YT-1300 freighter like the Falcon, or is he just that good? We’re not sure which would be better, honestly. After all, the crux of this clip is Chewie revealing his age to Han — a line we’ve seen before, but not in its full context. To put it nicely, the Wookiee has a lot of life experience that Han does not.

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Hopefully, we’ll get as much Chewie as we can handle in Solo. He’s not the main character — but let’s face it, the Wookiee basically started the tradition of awesome non-human living beings in Star Wars.