May the fourth be with you: 20 of our favorite moments from the Star Wars franchise

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Episode VII: Kylo Ren kills Han Solo

The Force Awakens ends on a morose note, especially after Kylo Ren confronts the father he despises. Han attempts to convince Kylo that he can turn away from the dark side and return home with him. He does this for Leia, and it almost seems like Kylo considers the option. It’s a sad moment for both parties, jam-packed with emotion.

But despite Han’s insistence that “his son is alive,” Kylo runs his lightsaber through our favorite smuggler. It appears to be a difficult choice for him, but one that ultimately cements his descent to the dark side. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more tragic moment in Star Wars than when Han touches his son’s face one last time before falling.

Episode VII: Rey’s lightsaber battle with Kylo Ren

After killing his father, Kylo Ren pursues Finn and Rey into the snowy woods of the Starkiller Base. Here, Finn is able to wield Rey’s lightsaber and hold Kylo off for some time. Of course, having more experience with the Froce, Kylo is easily able to take Finn down.

It looks as though Kylo will win this fight when the camera focuses on the lightsaber, protruding from the snow. It begins to move and flies into Rey’s hand, confirming her powerful connection to the Force. She and Kylo then battle one another. The background, CGI, and choreography work together to make this scene gorgeous. Rey’s managing to fend off Kylo’s attacks and escape also demonstrates what a powerful character she is.