20 pieces of trivia you need to know about Star Wars

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There are two Wedge Antilles

We don’t know much about the other pilots in the Resistance, beyond the fact they love Tosche Station and have great names. Biggs Darklighter — I mean, his mother knew how to create a good strong name. Was the man ever going to be anything other than a hotshot hero pilot?

Another of our favorite pilots is Wedge Antilles, the only X-Wing pilot apart from Luke to survive the whole original trilogy. Though many will recognize actor Denis Lawson as Wedge, the character has actually been played by two actors.

Colin Higgins — known as “Fake Wedge” to some fans — played him at the start of filming before he was replaced by Lawson as a result of not learning his lines for the Rebel briefing scenes.

However, it isn’t Lawson’s voice you hear say “Look at the size of that thing!” when Wedge sees the Death Star. Wedge’s lines were dubbed by David Ankrum, who returned to voice the character in Rogue One; according to Matthew Wood, Rogue One’s supervising sound editor, he can be heard announcing to flight personnel to redirect to Scarif.

He is not seen on screen though, as SlashFilm and Pablo Hidalgo point out, because of continuity — his shock at seeing the Death Star in A New Hope meant he couldn’t have seen it before.

Denis Lawson was asked to return to the new trilogy, but declined, saying “it just would have bored me.” It probably doesn’t help that the Return of the Jedi credits are the only ones to actually spell his name right.

He also has a further connection to the series, since Ewan McGregor, who plays hot young Obi Wan in the prequels, is his nephew.