Legion needs more character-centric episodes this season


Legion’s first season had interesting twists and turns due to David Haller. We lack it this time around… but a Syd-centric episode could help get things back on track.

Legion is one of the shows where you’re not quite sure what is going on. Whether it is trying to stop the Shadow King or figure out David’s mind, everything is trippy and out there. The problem though is that the first season set such a high standard for how we’re going to look at characters. This season, that focus on characters has been lost.

Well, that is until the latest episode that found us in the mind of Syd, trying to figure out her past and open herself up to David. While very touching and a great character study, the episode highlighted what we like most about this show.

Yes, the hippie aspects are fun. Yet, at its core, Legion is about the characters of Division 3 and those affected by the mutants. Without them, it is just another bland superhero spin-off. With Syd and David’s love story, the connection that Kerry and Cary have, and Oliver and Melanie, we can see the real human nature of these superheroes.

Which, when you think about it, is the core of most superhero dramas. When you love a hero, it is typically because they’re as human as they come. They have special powers and abilities, but they still feel and struggle with their duties. That’s what made Legion so special in its first season.

We wanted to root for someone we didn’t quite understand because he didn’t understand himself. We wanted to make sure that we were on David’s side. Up until last week, we haven’t felt that. Hopefully, the show gets back on track with future episodes.

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