Sebastian Stan has figured out the meaning of life and we couldn’t agree more with him


Sebastian Stan has seemingly figured out the meaning to life, and it seems it is a lot simpler than we ever thought before.

Fans love Sebastian Stan. So much so that there are accounts dedicated to his activity on Instagram. Secrets to Success, an account he follows, posted a picture asking to describe the meaning of life in less than four words and Sebastian commented on it.

His response? “Touch another human being.” So if you’re like me, you promptly died, rolled into a ball and cried for an hour over this boy. Or you read it and thought to yourself “wow that has a double meaning and is very poetic”. Either way works, mine is just more dramatic.

It is a beautiful sentiment when you think about it. To touch another, whether literally or emotionally, is something that many of us long for. We want to be connected to each other in whatever way and that is, at its core, the meaning of life. While we all have ideas and dreams, most of them relate back to the other humans surrounding us in some way or another. So really, Sebastian hit the nail on the head.

The thing about Sebastian Stan is that he is, seemingly, a very worldly and intelligent man. While his Instagram posts are nice, he doesn’t have a Twitter (which is more where these ideals come into play). So when we do get to see this side of Sebastian, fans seem to cling to it.

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The easy option would be for him to just get a Twitter account so all of us can bask in the glory but, until then, we’ll have to just search the internet for the accounts that share his activity.