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Lilith has stepped out into the open…sort of. This week on Shadowhunters, she’s got a new target and potentially a new assistant.

Recruiting Lilith’s virtuous disciples is proving to be harder than expected on Shadowhunters. This week, she’s hoping to get rid of one barrier.

With her other possessions, the victims have killed the ones they love most. In Jace’s case, the person he loves most can actually break him from Lilith’s orders. Maybe that’s exactly why Lilith was having her disciples kill their loved ones in the first place.

Now, realizing that giving Jace nightmares of killing Clary wasn’t enough, Lilith is on the move. Last week’s episode ended with her knocking on Magnus’s door, and nothing good can come from that, especially not when there’s also a photo of Magnus handling a significant amount of money among the images for tonight’s episode.

Along with unknowingly helping the mother of all demons, Magnus is also set to have some relationship drama this week. He’s been around for hundreds of years; there’s no escaping that past.

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Alec has been stressed as it is, dealing with the mundane murders and his parabatai shutting him out. Hopefully Malec’s relationship proves to be the one that’s “Stronger Than Heaven.” The poor guys could use a break. It is early in the season, though, so drama is always an option.

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"Date: Tuesday, April 17Start Time: 8 p.m. ESTEpisode: “Stronger Than Heaven”TV Channel: FreeformLive Stream: You can watch live on Fubo TV with a seven-day trial or check out Freeform’s live stream."

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