Is Harry Potter’s new wizard world coming to LEGO?


LEGO has adapted its Harry Potter world on its site, with a special indication that something new is coming.

LEGO hasn’t unveiled new Harry Potter items since 2012, but that is set to change thanks to the growth of the world with Fantastic Beasts. Now it looks like the official site is also adapting, as it shared a “coming soon” image. The image not only shows the Harry Potter logo, but also the Fantastic Beasts logo to make it clear that more from the wizarding world is being created.

This shouldn’t be overly shocking news for the majority of Harry Potter LEGO fans. During the New York Toy Fair, the building merchandise company unveiled plans that fans would be able to build their own Great Hall. The 878-piece set would also include Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid, Quirrell, our own student-hero trio, Draco, Ginny, and, of course, Nearly Headless Nick.

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And that wasn’t all!

For those excited to delve into the world of Newt Scamander and Fantastic Beasts, “Grindelwald’s Escape” will also be available with a Thestral-drawn carriage and Gellert Grindelwald figure in a 132-piece set.

There are also rumors that a Newt focused LEGO set is going to be available. Honestly, it’s about time! The success of the first Fantastic Beasts movie should have been enough to encourage a new LEGO set. While Grindelwald is important to Dumbledore’s story, the original movie was setting up Newt’s character and his involvement in Dumbledore’s prequel story.

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The sets won’t be available until August 2018, shortly before the second movie of the prequel series. There are chances that the new Harry Potter world on the LEGO website will be available then too.

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Are you excited about the new LEGO sets? Which one will you buy first? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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