25 fun facts you didn’t know about your favorite teen movies

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Can’t Hardly Wait – Characters completely cut from the movie

Is it really a high school movie if the plot doesn’t revolve around a huge party? At least that’s the case for Can’t Hardly Wait. The film, released in 1998, is about a group of teenagers who are heading to a huge party on the night of their high school graduation. It’s the usual story, boy likes girl, girl has boyfriend, girl breaks up with boyfriend, plot to land the girl ensues.

The film revolves around many different characters, from the popular girls to the jocks, to the exchange student, and so many more. But the characters we’re most interested in never quite made the final cut.

These two characters were aptly named Crying Drunk Girl and Stoned Girl. Crying Drunk girl (played by Jennifer Elise Cox) only made it into the background of two scenes. In one, she’s falling over in the crowd of partygoers, and in the other, she’s crowd surfing to the song “Paradise City”.

Stoned Girl (Amber Benson) can be seen in an earlier scene staring at a banana. She was supposed to be seen walking in and out of a number of scenes in a doped-out daze throughout the film, but she was cut. Crying Drunk Girl was supposed to be so drunk that nothing she said was coherent and had subtitles for everything that came out of her mouth, but most of her scenes also landed on the cutting room floor.

The reason behind these deep cuts was the rating. In order to secure a PG-13 rating, the film about a wild teenage party needed to cut some of the more suggestive content. So extremely drunk and high teenagers had to be nixed in order to keep it below R.