25 of the most memorable TV and movie siblings of all time

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Thor and Loki – Thor: Ragnarook

These brothers are fighting for a lot more than whose turn it is to borrow mom’s car. The stakes are downright universal, and it’s kind of thrilling to see one brother be such a traditional hero while grappling with his brother’s villain-ish (and mischevious) tendencies.

Loki is not so much a straightforward bad guy, I’ll give you that. His character’s emotional growth is one of the unique story arc’s in the superhero canon. He’s no altruist, to be sure, but there is no doubt they see each other for who they really are.

It must be pretty tough being the dark and twisty sibling to the family (and the universe’s) golden boy. Then again, in Ragnarok the two learn they had a dark and twisy older sister. So maybe Thor is the odd man out in this sibling trio.

Still, Loki is constantly battling his own demons of insecurity and otherness against his feelings of love for his brother. For Thor, to be indifferent to him is the worst possible reaction. The opposite of love is not hate, folks. It’s indifference, and sometimes Loki is just fighting to be seen and heard by his brother.

As complicated as sisterhood can be, brotherhood gets dicey too. There is a constant negotiation between needing their approval, offering support for the person they actually are, and performing your gender. It’s a delicate balance that these two brothers continue to try to work out. I’m sure we’re in for a ton more Thor movies in which they can keep hashing their familial stuff out — happy ending to be determined.