15 online stores to launch your spring wardrobe

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BirdBrooklyn is a retailer of both established and up-and-coming designers. If you’re interested in a spring wardrobe full of popping colors, this may be your one-stop shop. Since this store isn’t merely one designer, it doesn’t count as a brand, and in fact, it shouldn’t even be on this list. However, since it’s such a trove for spring fashion, I had to include it. As a selling platform for multiple brands, the site is full of variety; therefore, instead of listing my favorite clothing items from the site, I’ll list a few of my favorite featured designers:

Ace & Jig: Known for bright colored stripes and plaids, Ace & Jig have had a lot of success. The brand, established in 2009, is mostly focussed on textiles. Many of their garments are some form of stripe or plaid. They design casual wear, ideal for warm climates. It’s apparent that they are inspired by fashion from all over the world. Their Porto Skirt from the spring 2018 line is my personal favorite. It’s a high-waisted, flared skirt with large pockets.

Jesse Kamm: One time Jesse Kamm gave me a dress, and it’s all I wore for an entire season. Kamm’s clothing has the strangest mixture of qualities. It’s both durable and soft, industrious and elegant. She doesn’t use prints; each garment is one color. There’s something about this brand that seems meant for the busy modern woman. I highly recommend the brand’s Sailor Pant. It’s tight in all the right places, yet stylishly wide legged. Also for the record, Jesse Kamm looks like she belongs in the band The Talking Heads. She’s absolutely the coolest.