Avengers: Infinity War: 5 team-ups we want to see

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Stills from Black Panther trailer; Captain America: Civil War trailer. Images via Marvel/Disney.

Shuri and Spider-Man

Really, we owe Tom Holland thanks — or at least a very nice tweet or something — for saying he’s totally open to his Peter Parker encountering another brilliant teen who not only has the smarts, but the resources to make her ideas come to life. (After all, his statement totally inspired this entire slideshow.)

Since Thanos is the ultimate threat of Infinity War, it’s totally possible that Shuri and Peter will have to put their intellects together to come up with a counter. But can you just imagine his coming to her new lab because of course Shuri will have a new lab — there’s a LEGO set and everything — and geeking out with her?

Based on his punny shirts from Spider-Man: Homecoming, he’d probably appreciate her sneakers joke as well. Can you imagine what punning and scientific heights these two could reach?

Additionally, Shuri’s shown she knows how to make some superhero costumes. Although we know Peter will sport some of the latest Stark technology (again thanks to those LEGO sets), we could definitely the princess of Wakanda taking one look at his suit and making tweaks that could put Tony to shame. That’d be great … and also lead to more geeky opportunities for these two teens to be friends.