Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is the Most Viewed Video On YouTube


Haters are gonna hate but Taylor Swift has become really good at shaking things off lately with her many milestones and successes. 

YouTube has become an incredible platform for many artists and fans. We go there to watch our favorite interviews and music videos, and every once and awhile, an artist breaks a record. Most of the time, that artist is Taylor Alison Swift. She broke several YouTube records with her lead single to reputation “Look What You Made Me Do,” and now, she, once again, has beaten another one.

There’s no doubt that Swift’s “Shake It Off” has had a successful run. It’s a hit through and through, and even to this day, you aren’t sick of it. The anthem to our generation has broken a YouTube record and has surpassed over 3 billion all-content views. This makes Swift the only female artist in history to achieve this milestone, and making “Shake It Off” the most viewed track of all time in YouTube’s history.


Not many artists can accomplish what Swift has in her lifetime, and she’s continuing to succeed at more every day. It’s true when they say she is the queen of pop and her reign will last a lifetime. Congrats, Swift on an amazing accomplishment. You should be so proud.

You can watch Swift’s iconic and record-breaking music video for “Shake it Off” below. After all, there’s nothing wrong with giving it more views, right?

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