20 nonbinary creators you need to keep an eye out for

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Racheline Maltese

Racheline Maltese is nonbinary and genderqueer, and uses she/her pronouns while she flies planes, sails boats and rides horses.

A fun fact about her, is that while she can do all of the aforementioned things, she doesn’t know how to drive a car. She is often found writing romances with Erin McRae. Their novels deal with fame and public life. Their most recent novel, A Queen from the North, won overall in the 2017 Library Journal Indie Ebook Awards.

She also produces and writes Tremontaine, a queer adventure serial full of manners, swordplay and chocolate through Serial Box Publishing.

Racheline describes her work as being about “difficult people in challenging circumstances seeking unusual happily ever afters.” Her works range from a royal romance with a genderqueer teenage court witch in A Queen from the North to a low-heat polyamorous family novel in The Art of Three. All of her works are about families, in all their unique shapes and sizes.

You can find her work on Avian30 and you can find her in all her glory on Twitter at @racheline_M.

Submitted by JY Yang

JY Yang

JY Yang is a Singapore-based queer, nonbinary writer. Their short stories have been published in over a dozen venues, including Uncanny Magazine, Clarkesworld, and Lightspeed, as well as in anthologies. They recently released the first two of the Tensorate novellas through Tor.Com Publishing – The Red Threads of Fortune and The Black Tides of Heaven.

The description of the series on JY’s website states:

"Welcome to Ea, a planet where extreme weather carves through continents and seas. Where the sun rises and sets six times a day. Where immense monsters grow in bands of low gravity. The Protectorate has sunk its talons across the width of the Full Lands, imposing order through military might and the skills of its highly-trained Tensors– adepts at the art of slackcraft. Lady Sanao Hekate, the Protector, has consolidated immense power over the years of her reign. Yet Protectorate society is fracturing. From the mire of resistance against the Protector’s brutal rule emerges a group dedicated to eliminating people’s reliance on slackcraft: the Machinists. Against the backdrop of this unrest, the Protector births a pair of twins, a blood price to the Grand Monastery for their help in crushing a rebellion. Little does she suspect the roles these children will play in shaping the future of the Protectorate."

Two more novellas will be published in 2018. You can read an interview with JY at io9!

You can find them on their website and on Twitter at @halleluyang!