20 nonbinary creators you need to keep an eye out for

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Submitted by JY Yang

Created by Twitter user @rayrayinspace, the nbnovember hashtag has been promoting visibility for nonbinary creators of all sorts in November.

The hashtag #nbnovember, which translates in non-internet to Nonbinary November, was started by @rayrayinspace on Nov. 6, and it has blown up with nonbinary creators of all sorts promoting themselves and their work.

Ray Nadine is an agender artist who works in comics and illustration. They created the hashtag in order to celebrate nonbinary creators without triggering dysphoria or speaking over women by using hashtags designed for women.

You can purchase work from Ray on their website. I highly recommend following their comic, Dollhouse, which unfortunately is on hiatus until July. That just means that you have more time to catch up!  You should also follow them on Twitter!

What does nonbinary mean?

Trans Media Watch defines the word nonbinary as “an umbrella term used to describe people who do not feel male or female. They may feel that they embody elements of both, that they are somewhere in between or that they are something different.”

Some people choose to use “nb” as an abbreviation of nonbinary, but others use the word enby to describe themselves.

Bustle answered 12 frequently asked questions about what being nonbinary means, and it was answered very well. 

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