The Quidditch Premier League final is here and we’re really excited!

The fictional sport Quidditch in Harry Potter has taken over many colleges but now the Premier League had their final match of the season!

The Quidditch Premier League is having their final today. And listen, we all want to play Quidditch. We grew up reading the Harry Potter series and wanted nothing more than to fly on our broomsticks and catch the snitch to win it all! But, unfortunately, most of us are Muggles.

That doesn’t mean we can’t attempt to be a part of the magic! In fact, many play Quidditch on feet (typically with a man dressed in a gold suit running around pretending to be the snitch). I know for a fact that my college at their own Quidditch teams!

But what’s cool now is that there are whole leagues that play Quidditch and today, the Quidditch Premier League took to the field to figure out who would take home the world cup! And the players came prepared.

And the game looks pretty intense. Makes you wish that you could have been there to experience the magic firsthand! As we all should.

Now here’s the thing about Harry Potter, we all love it. That much is known by just looking at the Harry Potter generation. We constantly share our love of this series and do things like this, creating Quidditch in the only way we can because we want to experience that joy.

It is so incredible to see and I know that I have severe FOMO from missing out. But that just makes us want to go out and make our own leagues! And seeing how much fun they had? Who wouldn’t want to play Quidditch?