Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriend Just Returned To The Woman He Left For Her

Taylor Swift’s former boyfriend Calvin Harris is reportedly back with his ex-girlfriend Aarika Wolf.

According to a new report, Harris and Wolf have reunited two years after the DJ allegedly dumped the model for Swift and earlier this summer, Wolf reportedly flew to Las Vegas to watch Harris perform during his residency at Omnia nightclub.

“She was in the DJ booth and gazing at him all night. They left together in a car at the end,” a source told The Sun on August 1.

“There was always a real spark between them,” a friend added. “Everyone’s happy that they’ve reconnected.”

According to another report shared by the Daily Mail, Harris and Wolf have been liking one another’s Instagram posts in recent months.

Why did Calvin Harris and Aarika Wolf split?

Harris and Wolf dated for less than a year before reportedly splitting due to Harris’ flirty encounter with Swift at the Brit Awards in March 2015. One month later, Harris and Swift stepped out together for the first time.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris dated for 15 months

Swift and Harris dated for 15 months before splitting in May 2016 and according to a report last summer, Swift may include breakup tracks about Harris on her upcoming album.

“Taylor will definitely be writing songs about this heartbreak and the end of the relationship,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “She know’s it’s a cliché but this is who Taylor is. She drowns her heartbreak in music. She expresses all her feelings in her songs until she can move on. It’s part of what makes her special.”