Pottermore confirms that Credence Barebone is alive


Get ready fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them because Credence Barebone is apparently alive and well and will be in the sequel!

Since last November, fans have been dissecting the death of Credence Barebone in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, certain that he must have survived.

Maybe our certainty has been just a fervent hope that this young man with such a tormented life, on the brink of salvation, really did overcome a hoard of Aurors, his own parasitic Obscurus, and an apparent bodily implosion.

The basis of our hopes for Credence is a scene that was cut from the final film, that involved Credence boarding a boat back to Europe with Newt. Director David Yates said that this deleted scene was left out for artful reasons, not because they decided that Credence would not survive after all.

And Pottermore has now confirmed that Credence lives. Credence somehow survived the Nomaj and Magical worlds that should have killed him multiple times.  We will see him again – in flesh and blood, not as a ghost, or a Pensieve memory, or as a sad, wispy version of himself conjured through the Deathly Hallow stone. Based on the deleted scene, it looks like he is on his way to joining Newt and Dumbledore in the fight against Grindelwald.

Of course, given how Grindelwald used Credence in order to weaponize his Obscurus, he will still have immense interest in this only person known to have survived a parasitic Obscurus. Credence has so many shadows, and is so vulnerable, that he still could be manipulated into joining Grindewald’s side.

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Let’s hope he is able to leave the darkness behind him. Here’s to a kinder life for Credence going forward!