We have the 15 best kisses so far in 2017 and they’re steamy!

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Still from Atomic Blonde trailer #2. Image via Universal Pictures (via Universal Pictures official YouTube account)

4. Atomic Blonde (Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella)

Okay so hear me out, Atomic Blonde has yet to even hit theaters and still this is one of the top kisses of 2017. Why? Because Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella just make out in the trailer and it is everything we could have dreamt of. Maybe this list should have just been “Sofia Boutella kisses people”. That would have probably been more accurate.

But nonetheless, we’re here at number four with a movie that has yet to be seen by us all. But that doesn’t mean we’re not excited. Atomic Blonde features Charlize Theron as a secret agent and she teams up with James McAvoy and macks on Sofia Boutella. What’s not to love?

And if that doesn’t get you excited for it, well just watch the trailer. In the trailer, they mashed up a Kanye West song with Depeche Mode. Honestly, Atomic Blonde was given to us by the gods and we thank them.

You’ll have to wait until July 28 to really see this kiss in all its glory but at least you can get a feel for it with this amazing trailer. And really, get ready because I feel like this movie is going to be one you don’t want to miss.