The ultimate ranking of wrestlers on Netflix’s GLOW

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Kate Nash in Netflix’s “GLOW” Image via Erica Parise/Netflix

3. Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson

Rhonda “Britannica” Robinson is “the British one”. She has a posh accent, gorgeous red hair, and a propensity for politeness that is not shared by any of the other women on the GLOW team. In her introduction, her headshot features her modeling behind a set of blinds and making fun of the fact that she’s from the UK. She is excitable, witty, and apparently willing to do whatever it takes to have a steady job.

Because of her looks and her accent, Sam and Bash take “the British one” stereotype that Rhonda already embodies and take it one step further. They develop Britannica as “the hot, smart girl.” She literally fights with the Encyclopedia Britannica (which is also a convenient joke on her accent, to boot). Her promotional video shows her in a labcoat and unitard holding a beaker and wearing massive, old man glasses.

The concept of the hot, smart girl is a tired old stereotype, but in a series full of them, this one is fairly innocuous. Britannica talks about math and science in that shallow, stereotypical way that is expected of her and makes it look great.

Britannica is also played by Kate Nash, which is at least ten different kinds of amazing. Seeing Nash on the small screen after years of being obsessed with her music is a bizarre but delightful experience. Her acting chops are surprisingly solid and her presence on GLOW is a stellar surprise.