11 underrated shows you probably aren’t watching but should be

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I Love Dick, Amazon

The premise: A New York writer (Griffin Dunne) moves to the small town of Marfa, Texas as a fellow to work with Dick, a prolific and ruggedly smoldering artist played by Kevin Bacon. His wife  Chris (Kathryn Hahn) moves with him and develops a passionate crush on Dick, and channels her feelings into her own craft as a filmmaker.

At first, Chris’ crush works to heighten her relationship with her husband, Sylvère, but it soon becomes unwieldy, and she has to face her feelings through the lens of her own sexuality and identity. The relationship takes a unique trajectory, and the love triangle develops in ways that you don’t really see coming.

Why you’ll love it: Don’t let the name put you off. It’s a quirky and unique look at a female experience that is both fascinating and entirely cringeworthy. Bacon swaggers on and off screen, and you can feel your own crush developing even as he acts like, well, the title says it all. As eccentric as the story and writing are, the show is incredibly relatable to anyone who has had to grapple with unrequited feelings and has done something so embarrassing in the name of said feelings. The show ruminates on modern relationships through the eyes of a woman who isn’t in her twenties, and is decidedly not a traditional romantic comedy. That isn’t to say that it isn’t endearingly romantic or charmingly comedic. It’s different in all the best ways, and it’s just too bad it got lost among all the summer premieres.

How to watch it: I Love Dick is an Amazon Prime original and all six episodes are available to stream now.