Orange is the New Black: The 21 craziest moments thus far

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Piper’s fiancé and best friend hook up

From what I’ve learned from OITNB, when a loved one goes to prison, it’s sort of like when someone dies, especially in the case of Piper’s fiance Larry. His grieving process was very on-brand for a bougie Brooklyn type, as it involved him taking “his” incarceration story to press and onto public radio. The cherry on top was when Larry and Piper’s best friend, Polly, start to come together in this grieving process over Piper’s sudden departure.

This union is kind of frustrating and nauseating, but it fits into this aforementioned formula of the show — it creates an adversity at the expense of all the characters involved, but I relish in watching Piper overcome this adversity. Watching all their perfect lives get turned on their heads is fun and satisfying in a sadistic way.

I sort of hate seeing Larry get his way, because I see him as a spineless codependent who always needs someone to heavily rely upon, so I resent him finding happiness with Polly. However, Polly is the sweetest, and I find myself rooting for her in spite of this egregious turn of events. As we now know after five seasons, this won’t nearly be the most egregious thing that happens on OITNB.