Orange is the New Black: The 21 craziest moments thus far

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Piper rounds up a “task force”

As Piper tries to maintain her panty enterprise, Maria Ruiz decides to start her own operation. To prevent this from growing, Piper goes to the head correctional officer and insists that Ruiz and her cohorts (so basically, all the Latinas in the prison) are engaging in gang activity. He allows her to put together a “task force” of prisoners to stop them from organizing (who conveniently happen to be white supremacists). Everybody but Piper seems to be seeing this at first, but as Piper catches on, she becomes increasingly uncomfortable.

The craziest thing about this is that Piper goes to great lengths to try to justify — to herself and others — that this is the one time that they can be useful to society. Lesser of two evils, so to speak. Yeah, right.

So does Piper get away with this too? Of course not. This turn of events precipitates the realest moment of Piper’s incarceration: she’s corned by Ruiz and her family, held down against an oven in the kitchen (another reason you shouldn’t mess with the cooks), and they brand her with a swastika. A swastika! If this isn’t the epitome of white privilege crashing down all around her, I don’t know what is.