Orange is the New Black: The 21 craziest moments thus far

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Caputo becomes a turncoat

In the administration of Litchfield, there’s a whole other level of drama that rivals that of the inmates. When the Management and Correction Corporation (MCC) takes over Litchfield, the correction officers who see the transition also see a massive cut in their pay and benefits. When there are whisperings of unionization among the staff, Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow) is roped in to advocate for his employees. However, we learn in flashbacks that Caputo has a history of being the “nice guy,” and for that has certainly finished last most of the time.

The tension culminates in the solitary confinement of Sophia Burset in the wake of her civil suit threat. When the Director of Human Activities, Danny Pearson (Mike Birbiglia), learns of this development, he walks out on the job. This leaves a gaping hole in the administration, and Caputo is the perfect candidate for it. When he finds himself at the crossroads, reflecting on how all of his kindness has never really served him, he jumps at the opportunity and the pay raise, arguing that he can do more for his employees from that position.

I find Caputo to be a really interesting character to watch because he is so likable but he does very unlikable things. He continues to have a base line of humanity but he’s so tired of people walking all over him, that it frequently takes a back seat in later seasons. I feel like there’s a payoff in the future for him and for us, where we finally see his humanity save the day for everyone.