If you love Harry Potter, you’ll love this Quinceañera


Never did we think that there’d be a Harry Potter Quinceañera we wished we had when we were fifteen yet here we are. This one is pretty great.

Having a Harry Potter themed anything makes you instantly cooler in our books but this girl may take home the biggest prize. Tania Dalai took being a Potter nerd to a whole new level. From being photoshopped in as Hermione on every movie poster to making it look like the great hall, Tania’s family didn’t deny her anything.

And as it should be for one’s Quinceañera. After all, you only turn 15 once! Her make-up and robe lead us to believe that our lovely birthday girl is a Gryffindor (right on!) and she got her whole family involved! Everyone wore their house robes and got ready to celebrate Tania on her special day!

It just seemed like a fun time for everyone involved! Except, I might have wanted to be one of the guys as they got to wear amazing robes! The girls looked beautiful as well though! Entering through Kings Cross Station on your way to the Hogwarts Express, the party featured our favorites from every house!

And really, this just makes me want to have a special party for myself that I can make Harry Potter  themed! Everything looks so amazing and cool, who wouldn’t want this to be their Quinceañera? Honestly the question is: how are they going to top this amazing party for her sweet sixteen? Guess we’re going to have to check back in with Tania and see!

Next: Alan Rickman was a stand up guy and we’re still learning about it all!

How much do you love Harry Potter? Would you have a magical themed Quinceañera? Let us know the coolest Potter themed thing you did growing up! Mine was definitely all the midnight premieres!