Is Justice League filming new action sequences under Joss Whedon?


Justice League opens in theaters this November from director Zack Snyder and our co-host Joss Whedon, who may or may not be filming more action scenes.

Okay, I’m not even going to get at this from the perspective of Joss Whedon Needs To Lay Off, because I’ve already stated my case. Twice. Plus, this is all speculation and … uh, more Batmobile would do the DCEU some good.

So basically, a Reddit user uploaded a shot of the new-and-improved Batmobile that Superman didn’t pull the lid off of that Warner Bros. told us about last year. In fact, Batman’s getting a few vehicular upgrades, including the new Batmobile, the Flying Fox (an airplane for the team) and the Nightcrawler. If you look at the trailer, the Nightcrawler is basically a scuttler. At 1:33, it roars to life, then at 1:41, it saves Wonder Woman.

Also, if you saw The LEGO Batman Movie, then you know the scuttler rocks.

But back to the Batmobile. As CBR explains, the photo shows the vehicle on a flatbed in what may very well be Los Angeles. And if that’s Los Angeles, then there’s a very good chance they’re taking it to a lot somewhere to shoot new scenes.

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While we all know Batman v Superman was a little light on action, it did feature a scene where the Batmobile basically shredded through everything in its path. However, that doesn’t mean we’re getting more action sequences.

If anything, Warner Bros. could be rolling it out to put on display somewhere or they’re just shooting a scene where Batman struggles to figure out which station plays his favorite 70s hits. Or … based on the trailers, maybe the Flash takes it for a spin. Or he gets in it and can’t figure out how to switch on the engine.

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Point being, that’s a still picture of the Batmobile. It could mean anything and everything, but we don’t know until Justice League hits theaters on Nov.17.